Climbing Plants

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Climbing Plant Control

There's no doubt that a well-trained wysteria in flower on a bright, spring day is a sight that brings joy to the heart. However, many climbing plants struggle to flower if not properly pruned.

Climbing plants need to be controlled. We first started offering this service as we found so many climbing plants were out of hand and blocked the view from windows and made rooms dark. They also get tangled up with cables and guttering. Sometimes they even grow through window frames and up behind fascia boarding, causing damage.

We can control your climbing plants for you, whether to a schedule you suggest, or a schedule suggested by ourselves, based on needs and space requirements of the individual plant.

The Best Time of Year

Most climbing plants may be pruned regularly in the growing months, particularly Wysteria and Virginia Creeper. We usually suggest a hard prune in the autumn as the growing season ends. This can be the time to reshape a climber so that when the spring comes it looks its best.

For advice and help with climbing plants, contact us. We will be happy to help!

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